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Terms & Policies


At Tee ThePhillydog Stylist, we strive to be a Flea and Tick free environment, if your dog has Fleas or you suspect that they may be present. please let it be known during your booking or scheduling process. So that we may take precautions for the health and safety of our employees and the pets of our other clients.


If Fleas are discovered during the groom we will use a Flea shampoo and we will be required to fumigate the van and equipment. An additional charge of $25 will be charged to your bill to help cover our costs.

If flea or tick infestation is noticed, seen, proven, or made aware of prior to grooming. Tee ThePhillydog stylist/groomer reserves the right to deny/refuse grooming services until the flea and tick issue is resolved.

Matted Dog

Pets with severely matted coats require extra attention. Mats can be very difficult to remove and may require the pet to be shaved. Mats in an animal’s coat grow tight, and can ultimately damage and tear the animal’s skin, which provides a breeding ground for parasite infestations. These are conditions that cannot be seen or known until after the hair is shaved off. Matted coats also add more risk to animals during the grooming process. There will be a fee assessed for dogs with matting.



All pets are required to be bathed as part of the grooming process. This is not only for the benefit of your pet, but also to not damage the groomer’s equipment. Each pet is bathed with an all-natural tearless shampoo, followed up with a cream rinse conditioner. For pets with allergies, skin issues, or other sensitivities, we do offer a meditated soak or Oatmeal shampoo. Clients are also welcome to provide any vet-prescribed medicated shampoos as needed. All of our shampoos are of the highest quality and safe for both dogs and cats.


All pets will have their ears cleaned with a mild ear cleaner. If your pet has an ear infection we will let you know so you may consult your veterinarian. Ear hair will be removed/not removed based on your preference and your vet’s advice. Ear hair removal is typically a standard part of the grooming process, if you choose to not have your pet’s ear hair removed please let us know.


All nails will be trimmed during each grooming appointment. We always do our best to trim the nails as short as possible, without hurting your pet. Should your pet show any signs of aggression during the nail trimming process, we will muzzle your pet for the safety of the groomer and the pet during the nail trimming only. We do not like to use muzzles and will try everything possible to avoid muzzling your pet. If your pet is showing signs of stress or aggression, we may not be able to trim the nails.


If it is necessary to cancel/skip your grooming appointment, we do ask for a 24-hour notice when possible. Early notification allows us to fill empty appointments with call-ins or our waitlist. Not notifying us causes the groomers to miss out on appointments they could have otherwise filled, and a loss of commission for them. We do understand that unexpected issues can occur without much notice, please notify us ASAP in those cases.

After the first, ”late cancellations”, a second will result in having to pay a $25 “scheduling fee “for your next appointment. The $25 will be applied to the overall groom cost. However, if you cancel again within 24 hours, or NCNS, the deposit is lost.

After the first "No Call - No Show, if a second one occurs, we will charge a $25 “missed appointment fee “before allowing for rescheduling. Continued missed appointments may result in us not taking future appointments for your pet.

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